Eternal Realities

One of the most loved and well known scripture in the Bible is John 3:16

16 “For this is how God loved the world: He gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.

While we focus on how much God loves us and sent Jesus for us, we often overlook the part that Jesus came to give us Eternal Life.

We are only living as a shadow on Earth, of what is an Eternal Reality, and it is time we understand what that Reality is and how to walk in it.

In this module we’ll explore the Biblical truths in greater depth, preparing for an Eternal Life that Jesus came to give us!

Eternal DNA

When the Lord revealed to me that our DNA is not just limited to our life on Earth, but is Eternal with a powerful spiritual impact, I was in awe!

In this module we will understand how God put Eternity in our hearts and we are indeed made up of a Substance or MATTER that reflects the Eternal Nature of God. We are made in His Image and carry His Glory, which means we are called to fulfill a greater and higher purpose than what our natural minds understand.

This is going to be an exciting discovery of God’s immaculate and intricate plan for our lives.

Spiritual Realms

Our Soul is a Realm, where numerous activities occur spiritually. Likewise our Spirit is also a Realm.

When you look at your Spirit, it looks like how you look in the natural – a human image but superimposed with God’s Glory.

What if I told you, that your Spirit can also look like a Glorified City? Complete and resplendent with foundations, living stones, buildings and much much more!

And I will show you all this through the Bible.

Also there are numerous other Realms out there, since we live in a Multiverse.

Why did God make all of them? Is there a reason behind it? In fact I am writing a Book on this, as we speak.

Join us to find out more.

Being Kings

Our Lord Jesus redeemed us from sin to make us Rule & Reign like Kings and Priests, which was our original Mandate as given to our forefather Adam. This is again an Eternal calling which requires special training and preparation just like we would need in the natural realm.

This revelatory teaching, impartation and activations will revolve around the following topics.

  1. The New Jerusalem Glory
  2. 12 Living Stones / Thrones
  3. Unveiling the Alpha & Omega Glory, ruling in Power & Dominion
  4. Realms and how to operate as Kings