The Bride

A Beautiful
Mystical Journey.

Join us as we unravel these mysteries in collaboration with Alexandria Crumble from:

Unveiling the Bride is a beautiful mystical journey where one transforms into a radiant, spotless virgin while preparing to meet Jesus, the glorious Bridegroom.

The journey progresses as the Bride now assumes the role, transitioning into this new Glory, overflowing from the mystical union with Christ Jesus.


A Bride of Christ is a much awaited precious gift of the Father to His beloved Son Jesus. Even as this is widely known subject, there are mysteries that are yet to be fully understood.

The Bride’s role is unique, unparalleled, glorious and many are called to walk in this deep intimacy with the Lord.

Join us as we take this journey to Unveil who the Bride is, the roles she assumes, and impact this has on the Kingdom of God.


3 months
3 modules
12 sessions

1 class per week



Preparing for the Journey

The Ceremony

Mystical Union with Christ

How it works


Attend weekly live sessions. Review session recordings for better understanding of the topic discussed.


Live Q & A session at the end of each module.


Share your experiences,  encounters and testimonials with the community in a group discussion.


Unveiling the Bride - Application
Thank you for your interest in this course. Please complete this application if you desire to be considered. This will be a weekly course taught beginning September 2 for 12 weeks. The suggested tuition is $50/month for 3 months collected in full upon receiving your admission notification.

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  • Group Translation & Heavenly Encounters
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